Earning travel points is easy!

To start earning points you’ll first have to create a Travel Jobs profile.

Once you have a profile you can start sharing articles and news through your social networks. Every time someone clicks a link you’ve shared and reads the article on traveljobs.com.au you will be awarded 10 points. For every person you refer, who also signs up for a Travel Jobs Profile you’ll be awarded an additional 50 points.

You will also earn points by simply reading articles and posting comments.

What can I get for my points?

Besides fame, glory and the excitement of gaining levels you can exchange your travel points for various goodies such as travel vouchers, beach gear, dinners, flight upgrades and more. We also hand out regular prizes for exceptional sharing champions.

How does it work?

Each profile has a unique ID associated with it. Every time you share an article your unique ID will be appended to the URL. We will do some calculations in the background and award you points based on number of referrals and user behaviour.

It’s important that you’re logged in to your Travel Jobs account when you share articles, otherwise you might miss out on those precious points!